Party Package


What to expect at a Little Big Cruisers Party

Our Birthday Party Package is loaded with fun. Each guest receives their own personalized Driver's License, but only after they pass our Safety Test! We'll teach them the do's and don'ts and how to ride safely.

Depending on the space available we can plan drag races, track laps, drive around the block or even to a local park(with parental supervision of course!). We can customize our party to suit your needs. 

When the cars start driving sluggish we'll pop in a new battery and they'll be back on the road in a hurry. 

Where can I have my Party?

To have the best Little Big Cruisers experience, a large open space is needed. Large driveways, front yards and back yards are excellent choices. We can even set up at a local park if there is one near by.

If you'd like to do a party off-site, renting an outdoors sports field is a great option. Check your local parks and recreation centers for availability and rental rates.

Liability Waivers and Safety

We take many precautions to ensure the safety of all guests. Safety supervisors will be able to identify safety hazards (such as pools/stairs) and use our safety equipment to block off high-risk areas. Parental supervision is expected and required at all times. Safety supervisors are an extra set of eyes to help keep riders safe, they are not meant as a replacement for parental supervision. 

Liability waivers must be signed before any services are rendered.