All Packages include:
6 Ride-on Cars
2 Hours of Cruising
Extra Batteries
Safety Barriers and Pylons
Safety supervisor and facilitator

Our safety supervisor will help facilitate the event, change batteries and help parents keep an eye on the little ones!

Plus it never hurts to have an extra set of hands when throwing an awesome party!

$395.00* + HST

Price includes setup and delivery
*Additional delivery fee applies to some areas


Additional Ride-on car $50.00

Additional 1 hour of cruise time $100.00

Up to 12 Customized Photo Driver License’s $25.00


Sports Car and Trucks

Drive around in Luxury or jump into a truck instead!

  • Great for large open spaces, pavement and grass

  • Best for Riders aged 4 and up


LBC_square_900px (1).jpg

Pick Any 6

Want to try them all? Pick any 6 cars and hit the open roads!

  • Mix and Match

  • Big cars for the big kids and little cars for the little ones



Off- Road Adventure

Go on an Off-Road Adventure filled with hours of fun!

  • Easier to drive and steer in smaller spaces

  • Best for Riders aged 3 and up